A hydrophilic cleansing oil for all skin types


    BABOR has combined the natural cleansing powers of water and oil and developed a unique 2-Step, deep-action cleanser. Made from pure plant oils including soybean, sesame, and peanut. Quillaja extract intensifies the cleaning action without causing tightness.Vitamin E helps protect against environment aggressors.


    Promotes skin vitality. Pure, natural oils derived from soybeans, sesame and peanuts in combination with the appropriate Phytoactive for your skin type to remove both oil and water-soluble dirt particles thoroughly yet gently, without leaving the skin feeling tight. Quillaja extract acts as a dirt magnet and promotes the cleansing effect.


    When combined with a phytoactive our iconic 2- Step cleansing system provides a gentle yet effective deep cleanse perfectly tailored to your skin type.


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